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in honor of tau Permalink

8 minute read

In honor of blog post number 6283≈1000τ, I’ve decided to do a post dedicated to my favorite number. Here, τ (the Greek letter tau, usually pronounced to rhym...

four weeks in the life Permalink

6 minute read

I was taking a look at my calendar for next week, and I thought that it looked utterly barren. (Thanks, quarantine.) So I thought of something fun to do — go...

fun facts about random stuff Permalink

4 minute read

I’ve potatoed so much over the past few weeks of break — lounging in bed for hours, playing games, watching sports, etc. But one not-quite-potato thing that ...

on success, meaning, and time Permalink

18 minute read

This post is a culmination of many things that I’ve been thinking about throughout college and high school, but things which that have become much more urgen...

science bowl Permalink

4 minute read

I feel like I’ve been involved in science bowl forever. In 8th grade, my middle school science teacher started a team at my school, and I loved it. Science b...