Here’s a lot more random things that I participate in and enjoy, ranging from the semi-serious to the definitely-not-serious.


A Cappella
I’m part of the MIT Centrifugues, a group that sings predominantly mashups and medleys. I sing baritone, have been learning how to arrange songs and beatbox, and am currently one of the co-Music Directors c: (I’m one of the soloists here, starting at ~2:26!) Haven’t done organized music since middle school, so it’s been fun getting back into it.
I picked up bouldering right before graduate school started. I climb at Boston Bouldering Project, and am roughly at a V3 level. I climb much less regularly than I’d like to given how busy graduate school is, but enjoy it every time I go.
I love musicals! Favorite ones I’ve seen in-person are Hadestown, Waitress, and Les Mis.
Puzzle Hunts
I participate in Mystery Hunt (and many smaller hunts) with NES, a team composed of many former and current residents of Next House (where I lived in undergrad). I do hunts because they’re fun events to think hard about incredibly unproductive things and also I get to hang out with fun people.
Relatedly, in 2022, I finally subscribed to NYT Games and began doing the crossword daily. At this point, I can solve them without needing any hints, but still working on bringing down my averages to near-competition level :P
Deep Discussions
I love talking to people to learn more about who they are and how they see the world. One semester, I ran a small discussion series to bring strangers together to talk about big questions like “How do you define yourself?” and “What brings meaning to your life?”
I enjoy trying to remember all the random facts that people tell me. For one Splash class, I learned how to memorize a deck of cards; maybe I should work on re-learning this skill.
Word games are fun, and Scrabble is my favorite. I’ve taught Splash classes about strategy and two-letter words. One long-term goal of mine is to join competitive Scrabble tournaments.
I’ve always wanted to make it onto to show. Now that I’m past college-age (and thus only eligible for regular Jeopardy), I’m slowly working on shoring my literature and pop culture knowledge. Fingers crossed.

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