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joshua angrist shares the nobel prize! Permalink

13 minute read

Some of you may have heard the news already, but if you haven’t: on Monday, Joshua Angrist, the Ford International Professor of Economics at MIT, won the Nob...

perception Permalink

6 minute read

Over the summer, I’ve centered on a fear that I have in graduate school — the idea that people will judge me solely based on my research, and nothing else.

making a problem set template

1 minute read

This summer, I’m trying to do non-academic preparation for grad school. This means that I’m not trying to read papers, or study ahead in textbooks, etc. Inst...

trying to figure it out Permalink

2 minute read

Whether I like it or not, my senior year at MIT is coming to a close. Classes are done, grades are in, and I’m beginning a senior-year road trip with a group...