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If you only want to read a few posts of mine, I recommend the following:

  • These three posts (one, two, three), chronicle how I chose to go to graduate school; I talk about my thoughts on values, working, choices, and much more. While it is a long journey (about 14,000 words total), if you read these posts, you'll have a good sense of who I am as a person.
  • To see my teaching style (no posts on my pedagogical philosophy yet), you can read posts where I talk about quasi-experimental methods and tau.
  • For some random fun posts, read about running dormspam-the-game (which I ran with Whitney!), chalkboards, and whiteboards.

Many of my blogs are hosted on MIT Admissions.

Recent Posts

excerpts Permalink

4 minute read

I haven’t been doing a great job of blogging this semester for a variety of reasons (grad school is busy, life is hard, writing isn’t my highest priority in ...

joshua angrist shares the nobel prize! Permalink

13 minute read

Some of you may have heard the news already, but if you haven’t: on Monday, Joshua Angrist, the Ford International Professor of Economics at MIT, won the Nob...

perception Permalink

6 minute read

Over the summer, I’ve centered on a fear that I have in graduate school — the idea that people will judge me solely based on my research, and nothing else.

making a problem set template

1 minute read

This summer, I’m trying to do non-academic preparation for grad school. This means that I’m not trying to read papers, or study ahead in textbooks, etc. Inst...

trying to figure it out Permalink

2 minute read

Whether I like it or not, my senior year at MIT is coming to a close. Classes are done, grades are in, and I’m beginning a senior-year road trip with a group...