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17,707 words Permalink

8 minute read

This (mostly) isn’t a post about application essay advice. But, if you’re feeling like you need that, scroll below the bullet points for some essay advice fr...

dormspam-the-game Permalink

18 minute read

You might have read Kathleen’s earlier blog posts about a little thing called dormspam-the-game, an MIT-wide competition with 452 different players across al...

in search of a reset day Permalink

4 minute read

I spent this summer in a relatively “chill” state. My UROP that I did for the first half of the summer had only one real “deadline”, and that was towards the...

decisions, decisions Permalink

8 minute read

I like to think that people are defined by two things — the values that they hold and the choices that they make. So I figured that a half-decent way of intr...

how do i even blog

3 minute read

I have wanted to be an MIT Admissions blogger for a very long time. I’ve found records of me sending blogs to my high school friends spring of my junior year...