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7 minute read

Last Friday, I finished up my internship at Bridgewater Associates, one of the biggest hedge funds in the world. I worked as an Investment Logic Engineer, wh...

on choices, arbitrariness, and storytelling

13 minute read

As I think more about applying to grad school and reflecting on my own MIT experience, there’s been a few different themes that keep coming up. These themes ...

fun etymologies

4 minute read

Economics graduate schools require the GRE General Test, a test of students’ knowledge in high school math, random vocabulary and passage reading, and techni...

better explained

2 minute read

I’ve recently found1 Better Explained, a website that tries to find explain math concepts in very non-traditional ways, but ways that help people truly grasp...


1 minute read

Hi! Welcome to my website! (And the first blog post on it!)