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telling the tale Permalink

12 minute read

hadestown is a tragedy. the narrator, hermes, tells you this in the very first song.

ten Permalink

10 minute read

IHTFP. We make fun of the architecture a lot here, but sometimes, MIT really does look nice.

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motivation Permalink

16 minute read

On the fourth floor of E52, there is exactly one men’s restroom. It has two sinks, one urinal, and two toilets, and as 80 people have offices on that floor, ...

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it is okay to not know Permalink

9 minute read

This year, I’m volunteering with the MIT Educational Council to interview students applying to MIT. During one of my interviews, a student asked me for an “u...

excerpts Permalink

4 minute read

I haven’t been doing a great job of blogging this semester for a variety of reasons (grad school is busy, life is hard, writing isn’t my highest priority in ...

joshua angrist shares the nobel prize! Permalink

13 minute read

Some of you may have heard the news already, but if you haven’t: on Monday, Joshua Angrist, the Ford International Professor of Economics at MIT, won the Nob...

perception Permalink

6 minute read

Over the summer, I’ve centered on a fear that I have in graduate school — the idea that people will judge me solely based on my research, and nothing else.

making a problem set template

1 minute read

This summer, I’m trying to do non-academic preparation for grad school. This means that I’m not trying to read papers, or study ahead in textbooks, etc. Inst...

trying to figure it out Permalink

2 minute read

Whether I like it or not, my senior year at MIT is coming to a close. Classes are done, grades are in, and I’m beginning a senior-year road trip with a group...

what i learned from classes Permalink

6 minute read

A few days ago, I was talking with Nisha and other friends, and the subject of what we learned at MIT came up. Now that this semester’s over, I’ve done some ...

scootin’ and zoomin’ Permalink

5 minute read

Way back in September, I had the difficult, difficult task of writing my blogger bio. It includes the following paragraph: the silly: you may see me zooming ...

leaning in Permalink

18 minute read

I am starting this post on Thursday, April 8, 2021, and today, it could be a little bit warmer. I’ve been sitting outside the Stud for about half an hour, ea...

continuing Permalink

7 minute read

These blogs exist for many reasons. Show prospective students what MIT is like, the good and the bad. Give comfort and advice about your applications. And to...

coronavirus, one year later Permalink

30 minute read

Over the past few weeks, coronavirus went from not being relevant to me to the only thing that I talked about with people, the only thing that I could think ...

in honor of tau Permalink

8 minute read

In honor of blog post number 6283≈1000τ, I’ve decided to do a post dedicated to my favorite number. Here, τ (the Greek letter tau, usually pronounced to rhym...

four weeks in the life Permalink

6 minute read

I was taking a look at my calendar for next week, and I thought that it looked utterly barren. (Thanks, quarantine.) So I thought of something fun to do — go...

fun facts about random stuff Permalink

4 minute read

I’ve potatoed so much over the past few weeks of break — lounging in bed for hours, playing games, watching sports, etc. But one not-quite-potato thing that ...

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on success, meaning, and time Permalink

18 minute read

This post is a culmination of many things that I’ve been thinking about throughout college and high school, but things which that have become much more urgen...

science bowl Permalink

4 minute read

I feel like I’ve been involved in science bowl forever. In 8th grade, my middle school science teacher started a team at my school, and I loved it. Science b...

17,707 words Permalink

8 minute read

This (mostly) isn’t a post about application essay advice. But, if you’re feeling like you need that, scroll below the bullet points for some essay advice fr...

dormspam-the-game Permalink

18 minute read

You might have read Kathleen’s earlier blog posts about a little thing called dormspam-the-game, an MIT-wide competition with 452 different players across al...

in search of a reset day Permalink

4 minute read

I spent this summer in a relatively “chill” state. My UROP that I did for the first half of the summer had only one real “deadline”, and that was towards the...

decisions, decisions Permalink

8 minute read

I like to think that people are defined by two things — the values that they hold and the choices that they make. So I figured that a half-decent way of intr...

how do i even blog

3 minute read

I have wanted to be an MIT Admissions blogger for a very long time. I’ve found records of me sending blogs to my high school friends spring of my junior year...


7 minute read

Last Friday, I finished up my internship at Bridgewater Associates, one of the biggest hedge funds in the world. I worked as an Investment Logic Engineer, wh...

on choices, arbitrariness, and storytelling

13 minute read

As I think more about applying to grad school and reflecting on my own MIT experience, there’s been a few different themes that keep coming up. These themes ...

fun etymologies

4 minute read

Economics graduate schools require the GRE General Test, a test of students’ knowledge in high school math, random vocabulary and passage reading, and techni...

better explained

2 minute read

I’ve recently found1 Better Explained, a website that tries to find explain math concepts in very non-traditional ways, but ways that help people truly grasp...


1 minute read

Hi! Welcome to my website! (And the first blog post on it!)

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