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Hi! Welcome to my website! (And the first blog post on it!)

I’m still not sure what exactly what I want this website to be. Right now, I’m setting it up almost like an extended resume. One with more life, flair, personality, and actual thoughts about life. One that’s more like actual me. Humans are much more than the positions they hold and the projects they do throughout life.

An extension of how this website will function is how this blog will function. I’m hoping that I can actually use this blog as a way of sharing my thoughts about life, what I’m up to, and more.

I’ve only successfully blogged once before.1 In January 2019, I co-wrote for a blog where a bunch of members of ESP shared their experiences as they taught abroad (in MIT’s GTL program). You can find my posts here, which talk about everything from crafting lesson plans to Italian culture to reflections on life.

I hope that this blog doesn’t end up as just a “professional” blog — one where the only updates are about internships and jobs and careers and projects I’m doing. (Not that there won’t be those kinds of updates from time to time.)

I’m hoping that this blog and website can serve as a more faithful reflection of who I am as a person. The musings, the thoughts, the existential crises. Life is a lot more than just the end accomplishments, it’s about the messy paths and missteps taken to get there.

So I guess that’s my goal. To put a human face on a resume. To be an actual person to the world. To help people to learn who I really am, even if they’ve never met me. (And for those who have met me, to keep them updated on who I am and what I’m up to.)

So, hello!

  1. Though I have tried at least 3 distinct times before. Those all didn’t work out so well. As did my many applications to be an MIT Admissions Blogger. Update, 9/2/2020: See here